In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.
— Marianne Williamson
Carrie Elizabeth Hirsch Photography

Carrie Elizabeth Hirsch Photography

I began working in communities almost a decade ago, helping low-income families source healthier food options alongside teaching eager learners how to cook. Amongst new mothers and their growing families, in particular, food became an excellent conduit to discuss what was at their heart of their lives. 

Around the same time, I began working with a therapist who helped me cultivate a connection to my own heart like never before.

While building community and helping mothers would ultimately become the path I’d forge, my psyche needed to undergo a transformation from one identity into another so I could make sense of the monumental transition of motherhood. 

This rite of passage was getting married. Many of us experience traditional rites that are overshadowed by the details of the event and fail to make room for all the feelings and questions of the heart. My soul stormed for the latter, needing context and actions to temper the normal feelings of fear, grief, and loneliness I was experiencing.

Sheryl Paul of Conscious Transitions helped me awaken into an initiation and learn how to cross this life threshold with an open heart while cultivating self-trust and birthing consciousness to undiscovered parts of myself. I began training with her in 2010 and learned the language of transitions and a framework for how to help others, as well as co-moderated her online community forum that accompanies courses on relationship anxiety, opening your heart, and deepening self trust. 


In 2013 I graduated from Pacifica Graduate Institute with a master’s in counseling psychology with an emphasis in both marriage and family therapy and depth psychology. Much of my graduate work focused on myth, metaphor, and the study of the unconscious through the psychological traditions of Carl Jung, Marion Woodman, Joseph Campbell, and James Hillman. 

I brought this experience to my clinical training as a marriage and family therapy trainee and registered associate (#86845) at The Women’s Clinic and Family Counseling Center under the supervision of Carla Becker, LMFT, SEP and Angela Cordova Dunning, LMFT, and the direction of Lenna Lebovich, LMFT. I also worked individually with teens through Antioch University Counseling Center’s school-based program and ran narrative therapy groups for at-risk transitional age-youth through Connecting Mental Health and Education, a program funded by the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health. 

In 2016 my husband and I welcomed our daughter into the world. Motherhood, like marriage, would be a vessel to carry me into the depths of yet another transition, to the seat of my heart, awakening me into a whole new relationship to self, but this time returning with something to share. 

Today, I am back in the community, bringing with me both my professional and personal experience, inviting your hearts and your babies into this safe space as you experience early motherhood. 

Together, we can reclaim a birthright of sharing our stories, solidifying bonds, and, in turn, reconnecting with the lost wisdom of the mothers who bore before us. Let’s mark the transition of laboring with fierce love so we can welcome the joy of your magnificent arrival.

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