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I am here. I brought my whole self to you. I am your mother.
— Maya Angelou

Motherhood can be an amazing vessel to help forge and build community. But when you are knee-deep in sleepless nights and struggling with the self-doubt that is a hallmark of motherhood, it can feel near impossible to find the courage — let alone energy — to get out into the world and meet new people. As a result, many new mothers experience these early weeks as lonely and isolating. We want support but aren’t quite sure how receive it. 

Reclaiming Motherhood is a mother-to-mother support series that helps women forge the gap between longing for connection and making community possible.


We meet weekly for an a hour-and-a-half in a shared space so you can be seen — possibly for the first time — as a new mother, while also kindling what hopefully will be the start of lasting friendships to serve well-beyond the first year. 


The intent of each series is to establish a framework for what it is like to sit in a circle and share your experience as a new mother. Over the course of the series, we dare to become more vulnerable, and, in turn, develop trust in one another, so that by the series end, together you can launch out of our shared space and continue to support each other in your newly interwoven lives. 

No series is alike, as the dynamics are unique as the mothers who join you. But common themes can include:

  • exploring your new identity as mother
  • learning how to access your innate wisdom
  • finding your mama voice
  • ways to nurture your Self
  • discovering how to combat guilt, shame, and judgment that often keeps us disconnected and feeling separate from ourselves and one another.

You will also leave with a framework — and tools — to help manage your group and keep it thriving over time. 

While we are sure to discuss the common questions that naturally arise during this first year — breast and bottle feeding, sleep (naps and nighttime), bonding with your baby, ways to involve your partner or co-parent, how and when to start solids, teething, and other developmental milestones — these explorations are gateways into cultivating consciousness around nourishing our intimate relationships with one another.

The next Reclaiming Motherhood series starts

September 28th.



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Ashley's warm, gentle, and compassionate presence and her focus on the transition to motherhood makes her class stand out from typical mommy-and-me classes. She provided just the right amount of structure while allowing us to ebb and flow into whatever challenge or victory we were facing that week. Plus my daughter and I have made lifelong friends. I highly recommend Reclaiming Motherhood. --Jessica K.
This group was a blessing for me during the early days of motherhood. It provided an essential means to connect with, and stay grounded by, a group that was experiencing a lot of the same. Ashley leads the group with so much grace. I felt truly heard by her whenever sharing and came quickly to rely upon feedback that was always thoughtful, helpful, and never disparaging. --Jillian P. 

I always left Ashley's class feeling like, no matter what challenges I was facing, I was doing a fantastic job. First time Mamas need support,  not judgment. --Monica B. 

Are you expecting or the mother of an older baby and looking to join a series? 

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Reclaiming Motherhood is not a psychotherapy group and should not be substituted for one. By purchasing and participating in a group series you agree to the Full Disclaimer of this website, which includes the understanding that each series is for educational, informational, and support purposes only. It should not be a substitute for medical support or diagnosis of any kind.

While participating in Reclaiming Motherhood, if you feel you are struggling with a mental health issue, postpartum or any other kind, it is your responsibility to seek treatment for your health. You can visit my Resources page for referrals. Ashley Batistick Counseling assumes no responsibility for your course of treatment to any health concern nor the services any third party referral may be able to offer.