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Image by Lara Everly that pictures Ashley Batistick, individual and couple female therapist, behind a sunlit backdrop of multi-colored stained glass. She sits casually, with a warm smile. The picture represents how it would feel to work with her in both couple and individual therapy. Her practice is in Los Angeles, out of Atwater Village.

Ashley Batistick, MA, LMFT (she/her/HERS)

I’m Ashley — a licensed marriage and family therapist (#123659) practicing online in private practice in Los Angeles. 


I have 10 years’ experience working with individuals, couples, and also within communities, where my work has focused on helping clients navigate the challenges they face in relationships.


I’m also a mom to two and married, which means I’m regularly practicing being in relationships.


I see the inevitable and very normal ruptures we experience with one another as opportunities for healing.


But because many of us didn’t have the healthy modeling for what this can look like, or the tools for how to make healing happen, we feel less emboldened to grow and more entrenched in suffering. When met with empathy and care — especially in the presence of another — we begin to repair past traumas and see others as safe, caring, and loving sources of comfort and support. 

I know this to be true for my clients and for myself. 

As you come to know me, you’ll learn that I’m a longtime seeker of therapy, both for myself and my marriage; I struggle, like most, to be vulnerable with others; I’m no stranger to anxiety or depression; I’m sensitive and feel big feelings. 


I also know what it’s like to grow and change; I have tackled self-doubt and shame. I benefit from the rich relationships I cultivate and share, especially with my husband and children. I am deeply passionate about the communities of which I am a part and believe in reciprocity. We are here for the Earth as much as she is here for us. And I’m committed to advocating for justice and equality for us all. 


I routinely make mistakes and get it wrong. I also work really hard to get it right, including but not limited to uncovering my biases and places I fall short, especially coming from multiple places of privilege. You’ll find I try to make this known in hopes to create more safety and security within our therapeutic relationship. 


I will also love you fiercely. There is no other way I know how to practice therapy. 

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