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Image by Daniel Mirlea of a fern that has a multi-colored filter. The image is meant to represnt Ashley Batistick's colorful, playful and relaxed way of doing couple and individial therapy.

Therapy for Relationships

for couples and individuals

Is there conflict in your relationship? Struggling to feel close & Connected?

Download my FREE Recipe for Connection: A Roadmap for Relationships PDF to help find your way back to the people you love.  

Hi, I'm Ashley!

Relationships are fundamental to our well being.

They provide a sense of safety and security, where we feel seen and heard. They also help form and shape our communities, where we practice being our unique selves with one another. 


But they aren't always easy, and naturally can come with conflict. 


This is where it gets hard because few of us know how to manage or repair the inevitable ruptures that come with being in a relationship. 


So whether you are partnered and struggling or wanting to address something more personal, like anxiety or depression, I’m here to help clients forge relationships to what's hard and why. 


Together, we can move toward the emotions at the heart of your struggle, so that you can begin to restore the connections in your life.

Image by Lara Everly that pictures Ashley Batistick, couple and invidual female therapist, behind a sunlit backdrop of multi-colored stained glass. She sits casually, with a warm smile. The picture represents how it would feel to work with her in both couple and individual therapy. Her practice is in Los Angeles, out of Atwater Village.


Is there conflict between you and your partner that doesn’t seem to end?


Experience Emotionally Focused Therapy with Ashley. 


Feeling anxious or depressed? Navigating a life transition?


Work one-on-one with Ashley.


Online coaching for targeted, specific relationship issues.


For couples and individuals.

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